Video Tutorials

Video tutorials to help supplement written article guides.
SD-Dealer Introduction Video
Intro video for SD-Dealer.
SD-RevenueBuilder Intro Video
If you sell and manage your own service contracts, maintenance agreements, or simply want a system that reminds you to perform COD service for particu...
How to Edit the .zpc File
Your .zpc file is used for zip code based grid coordinate insertion in a callsheet.  This video will demonstrate how to add zip codes and edit your ex...
How to Edit the .cty File
This video discusses how to add and edit city names in your street list, both through ServiceDesk and directly in the .cty file.
Callsheets: How to Handle Missing Streets
This video discusses several ways to handle a street not being in the drop down list of your callsheet.
Introduction to Job Records
An introduction to the basic features  and purpose of the job records form.
Introduction to the Dispatch Map Functions
An explanation of several key dispatch map features, such as the Daily Time Report viewer, how to dispatch routes, and robo-calling.
Introduction to the Visual Features of the Dispatch Map
An overview of what you see on the dispatch map and how to navigate through it.
Managing Part to the Grave: The Basics
An overview of the features available to help you ensure parts are either used or returned for proper credit.
How to Apply Funds to an Accounts Receivable Record
A demonstration of using the funds journal to properly apply money to account receivable records.  Includes a brief introduction to EDA (Errors and Di...
Moving the Funds Journal Area Partition
Instructions on how to understand the warning message given regarding the funds journal area partition and how to proceed with correcting the issue.
Changing Usage Quantities in Special Order Parts
Sometimes your tech uses fewer than the quantity of parts you sent him to the job with.  This is the method for correcting the record and enabling you...
Entering a Work Request from a Repeat Customer
How to create a callsheet to generate a work request from a previous customer.
Entering a Work Request Where the Paying Party is Different than the Service Location
Instruction on how to properly setup a callsheet when the paying party is different than the service location.
Lesson 7: Utilities
Other Utilities in ServiceDesk.
Lesson 6: Other Functions
Other functions in ServiceDesk.
Lesson 5: Post-Completion Function
Introduction to Post-Completion Functions in ServiceDesk.
Lesson 4: Job Management
Introduction to Job Management in ServiceDesk.
Lesson 3: Schedule and Dispatch Management
Introduction to Schedule and Dispatch Management in ServiceDesk.
Helpful Alerts in Special Order Parts
ServiceDesk has several alerts to prevent you from ordering parts you already have. This video will discuss how these work.
Introduction to Special Order Parts
A video discussing the main features and layout of the special order parts screen.
Introduction to Inventory Control and Maintenance
An introduction to the features found in F10, Inventory Control and Maintenance.
Reassigning Truck Stocking Inventory
How to move truck stock from one vehicle to another, or from another tech to another.
Using Daughter Bands to Manage Core Returns
How to use the daughter bands to ensure your core parts are returned and the credits are received!
Introduction to Archive Special Order Parts
A brief introduction to the uses of the archive special order parts screen.
How to Take a Physical Inventory
How to get a printed list of the parts the system reckons should be in each inventory location.  How to adjust the inventory to reflect the actual qua...
Using Parts Pick Management
How to use the Parts Pick Management screen to distribute to and collect parts from your technicians.
Introduction to the Funds Journal
A brief introduction to the features of the funds journal.
How to Compile a Deposit
How to use the funds journal to compile a bank deposit.
How to Confirm a Deposit
How to use the funds journal to confirm your bank statement matches the deposits from ServiceDesk.
Errors and Discrepancy Accounts
Introduction to EDA accounts.  Demonstration of how to apply excess funds.  Also includes information on where the funds are accounted for in your sal...
Calculating Commissions
An explanation of how ServiceDesk uses the sales journal and the information in the rate of earnings table to calculate standard technician commission...
Reconcile Funds Reports
An overview of the information found in the reconcile funds collected reports. These reports enable you to track the money the technicians indicate th...
Special Order Part Request
An explanation of the special order parts request form. A demonstration of the special order parts form and the results in the Special Order Parts scr...
Special Order Parts Process
On overview of the special order parts process system. A demonstration using the special order parts process screen to order and manage parts.
Your Master Parts Plan
Setting up your master parts plan: locations and variable stock. A video explaining how to add items to your master parts plan. A video explaining the...
Using Daughter Bands to Manage Archived Special Order Parts
How to use daughter bands to document and track the part return process.
Ordering Stock Replenishment
Using the Inventory Control and Maintenance (F10) to create a stocking inventory supply order.
How to Setup a Thin Client Workstation
Setting up a thin client workstation is easier than you think! Just a few basic steps. 1) Map the server driver. 2) Install the Windows System files. ...
Introduction to Quick Entry Templates
Quick Entry Templates (QET) are used to store and insert frequently accessed customer information.  They also store information about pricing markup, ...
How SD-Mobile Works
An explanation of the communication that goes on between SD-Mobile and ServiceDesk in the office.
Maintaining Your Parts Suppliers
An explanation of how to add and remove parts suppliers from your drop down lists in Inventory Control and Special Order Parts.
Adding Your Initial Stocking Inventory
How to add your initial stocking inventory in inventory control and maintenance.
Introduction to Customer Indexes
An introduction to how to create and use customer indexes within ServiceDesk.
Introduction to Unit Info Sheets
Introduces how to create Unit Info Sheets (UIS).
How to Update ServiceDesk
How to Update ServiceDesk software using your user name and password through ServiceDesk.
Linking and Unlinking UIS from Job Records
How to unlink a UIS from a job record. How to search for a UIS already in the system and relink it.
UIS Customization
How to customize the UIS if you do HVAC or Consumer Electronic work.
Advanced Features of Unit Info Sheets
Discussion on more advanced features of Unit Info Sheets (UIS) including exporting the database and entitlement queries.
Editing UIS Dropdown Lists
How to remove unwanted entries from the make and type dropdown lists found in UIS and callsheets.
Entering a COD Work Request
How to create a COD work request in a callsheet.
How to Use Daughter Bands
An explanation of daughter bands with in ServiceDesk. Includes a brief explanation of parent and child records in databases.
Introduction to Parts
An overview of the parts systems within ServiceDesk.
Introduction to Stocking Inventory
An overview of the stocking inventory system found at F10 and the master parts plan in Control-F10.
Lesson 1 - Installation and Setup of ServiceDesk
This guide shows how to install and setup Servicedesk.
Lesson 2 - Call Management in ServiceDesk
In this guide we'll learn about the basics of Call Management in Rossware's ServiceDesk software.
Introduction to Callsheets
Callsheets are the heart of ServiceDesk. In this video we'll give you a basic overview of their functions and how to use them.